Peace at Night

About Peace at Night

“Peace at Night” resounds within and in deep peace with itself. Oestlinds first album produced in a “Felted Piano” sound is an ode to relaxation – soft sounds meet the rushing of a tape machine, the impressionistic melodies meet audible piano mechanics. There are 10 titles that clearly stand out from Oestlind´s previous piano albums – the composer renounces virtuosity and puts the power of the soft tones in the foreground. “Peace at Night” is a compilation of new sound images that gracefully invite to rest – as lullabies to fall asleep, as deep relaxation for a free mind.

Artist: Goetz Oestlind
Genre: Classical


4. Bonne Nuit
5. The Night Is Peaceful
6. May All Your Dreams Come Through
7. Well Protected
8. You Are Guarded
9. Guarded by Angels
10. A Good Night's Sleep