The Archangels (Part One)

About The Archangels (Part One)

Oestlind enters spiritual ways with his album for 13 selected Archangels, which touch the listener’s heart deeply. He reflects: “During composing my heart has to be open in order to pave the way for the music to flow from heaven to earth.” Archangel MICHAEL is set to music as a powerful protector, JOPHIEL as a loving being, SANDALPHON (as the Archangel of music) connects the gentle and strong side of the soul. Oestlind dedicates one key to each Angel – as an exception, both GABRIEL and SANDALPHON are composed in A Major.

The album is an ode to the beauty of these great mystical beings, to receive peace deep inside, to feel openness and to trust the guiding and protection of the Archangels.

Artist: Goetz Oestlind
Genre: Classical


1. Michael 0:30
2. Jophiel 0:30
3. Chamuel 0:30
4. Gabriel 0:30
5. Raphael 0:30
6. Uriel 0:30
7. Zadkiel 0:30
8. Aquariel 0:30
9. Anthriel 0:30
10. Valeoel 0:30
11. Perpetiel 0:30
12. Omniel 0:30
13. Sandalphon 0:30