The Magical World of Animals (Part One)

About The Magical World of Animals (Part One)

Why does a composer dedicate his sixth solo album to animals? For Oestlind a matter of the heart: “The compositions express my deep respect. My whole life I’ve felt deep empathy for animals and consciously abstained from fish and meat since 2014. A mirror of the 21st century is factory farming, big game hunting, and the daily extinction of 150 species. With this album I want to inspire people to live more consciously and pay more attention to the animals and nature.”

Artist: Goetz Oestlind
Genre: Classical


1. The Swan 0:30
2. The Fawn 0:30
3. The Cheetah 0:30
4. The Unicorn 0:30
5. The Mountain Hare 0:30
6. The Wolf 0:30
7. The Labrador 0:30
8. The Hedgehog 0:30
9. The Crocodile 0:30
10. The Lamb 0:30
11. The Brumby 0:30
12. The Orca 0:30