THE QUIET reflects atmospheric images that have inner happiness and meditative power as their emotional starting point. This is music that peacefully and simply sends a clear message. Like glimpses of ever-new windows, the pieces convey the feelings of security, well-being, inner peace and absolute relaxation with the utmost vividness and utterly stress relief. “Like a Fairy Tale” and “Prayer” are the composer’s favorites. Oestlind listened deeply, wondering why mankind has to deal with many sources of stress. He is convinced that mankind should be guided back to inner peace and well-being.

Artist: Goetz Oestlind
Genre: Classical


1. For You 0:30
2. Out of Trust 0:30
3. Like a Fairy Tale 0:30
4. Prayer 0:30
5. Enchanted 0:30
6. Sakura and Jakob 0:30
7. Grounded 0:30
8. Uncertainty 0:30
9. An easy Life 0:30
10. Falling 0:30
11. Bells 0:30
12. Romance 0:30
13. Awakening 0:30