THE STORM represents excitement, a fearful disunity, occasionally even the trepidation of hopelessness, but also blissful happiness. Like a waterfall of sounds, the works tell of sincere and touching emotions like passion, brightness and darkness of feelings, about fineness and truthfulness of the soul. “Pachelbel’s Legacy” is a reminder of Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”, “No Way Out” is a desperate, almost angry cry for help, “Land of Dreams” evolves from a quiet waltz to a rushing waterfall of sounds. Nevertheless, the variety in Oestlind’s compositions can always be brought down to a common denominator – Oestlind’s typical way of composing.

Artist: Goetz Oestlind
Genre: Classical


1. Before the Rainbow 0:30
2. Pachelbel’s Legacy 0:30
3. Storm of Passions 0:30
4. Concord and Grief 0:30
5. At the Mill Creek 0:30
6. No Way Out 0:30
7. Sorrow of Love 0:30
8. Ride against Time 0:30
9. Celtic 0:30
10. Land of Dreams 0:30
11. Falling in Love in May 0:30
12. Felicity 0:30