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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756. Exactly 250 years later, in 2006, Goetz Oestlind was part of the then biggest TV show in Europe, “Wetten, dass..?”, taking place in Salzburg, the hometown of Mozart. International celebrities were invited to promote their new movies or pop songs, but also superstars from sports were sitting next to the German show master Thomas Gottschalk to talk about their lives or successes. The exciting moments in this TV show are to see the celebrities bet, if people with special skills are able to accomplish a unique endeavor or not – such as opening a bottle with a digger or specifying 4 piano tones exactly.

This was taking place in Mozart’s hometown, as Goetz Oestlind was able to distinguish 4 notes played at the same time by a piano student from the Mozarteum. Theoretically, there can be played over 2 million different combinations, but only nearly 1 million at the same time. Goetz Oestlind specified 4 of 5 combinations correctly and won the show against 4 other guys with very special skills. Goetz Oestlind was able to win the show, as he was born with a perfect pitch (like Mozart), what allows him to assign every tone to a note name. At the age of 9, experts observed his ability – on average there are 1-3 from 10.000 people born with a perfect pitch. Some people say that this quote is higher in China, since the children there are used to speak in different pitches. Mozart would have been very happy to see a musical bet winning the show in his hometown.



Nowadays, if you think about Mozart, most people will call him the greatest music genius of all time. If he had been born in 1956, maybe today he would have been a film composer like Hans Zimmer, John Williams or Ennio Morricone. Alternatively, he would have composed the music for Amazon Prime’s “Mozart in the Jungle”. Goetz Oestlind composes easy piano music such as Beethoven’s “Fuer Elise” or Mozart’s “Rondo alla Turca”, but also piano sonatas as difficult to play as the ones by Mozart. In his youth, Goetz Oestlind studied a lot of Mozart’s piano sheet music, but he was in love early with the composers of the romantic and late romantic.



The name Mozart is part of a marketing strategy in Austria – Mozart balls are sold out everywhere, in Vienna the musical “Mozart” is a long runner and there are Mozart festivals in several Austrian towns.